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A team of promising psychiatrists, talented psychologists and experienced social worker

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vision & mission


Clinical and Para-clinical Services

We strive towards providing ethical, rational and up-to-date mental health treatment modalities at minimal cost

Our motto is 'Minimal Intervention; Maximum Satisfaction'

DI-stressed you may enter; DE-stressed you shall leave!


Medicines along with counselling/psychotherapy is the ideal combination for treating all mental health ailments

We follow rational and ethical treatment guidelines along with good clinical practice at par with global standards. Our motto gels well with latest guidelines.



Simple psychotherapeutic / counselling techniques can help bring positive changes in your life

We offer cognitive-behaviour, rational-emotive and/or motivational enhancement therapies for adults and simple behaviour modification therapy for children

mind-body therapy

Traditional techniques like yoga / meditation / relaxation / breathing exercises help you cope with daily stressors

We also offer simple lifestyle modifications through traditional methods for coping with daily hassles, stressors and severe mental health issues

Psychological tests

We offer a range of psychological tests for assessment of intelligence (IQ), personality and present psychological status.

We also have a vast collection of questionnaires and rating scales and instruments for an objective evaluation of the present clinical/psychological status.

We utilize these resources not just for clinical purpose but also for research purposes.

brain stimulation therapy

We have one of the most modern brief pulse electro-convulsive therapy equipment for brain stimulation which is offered in rare instances of immediate danger to patient's and/or others' lives.

This life-saving procedure is conducted under general anaesthesia in the presence of experienced psychiatrists, anaesthetists and nurses at a nominal cost (almost one fourth of private cost!)

Keeping with our strict policy of rational and ethical practice, we offer electro-convulsive therapy ONLY after taking written informed consent from the patient and/or relatives.

approximate cost of services

Ours being a charitable and premier ISO/NAAC/NABL accredited hospital, we offer quality services at minimal cost.

Our OPD consultation is FREE of cost.

Our general ward indoor admission expenditure is almost one-tenth of private hospital admission cost but with significantly better and reliable services. We also provide private rooms at nominal cost. 

Please note, this DOES NOT INCLUDE the cost of medications, injections, IV fluids and other miscellaneous prescriptions.

(The above information is for descriptive purpose ONLY. Actual cost incurred could differ based on the patient's requirements and hospital policies)

We treat one and all, belonging to any age-bracket



Children can be difficult and adolescents can be argumentative. If you, as a parent, are facing this situation - we are here to HELP!

You can expect expert guidance with home-based easy to practice behaviour modification tips for effectively moulding your child's behaviour and better coping for yourself.

Pharmaco-therapy is considered ONLY if behaviour therapy is not found satisfactory.


From hassles of daily life to family & relationship issues, from anxiety & panic to depression & suicidality, from mania to schizophrenia, from smoking & alcohol to ganja/charas & brown sugar, we cover it all. 

Keeping with our motto, we provide the best available treatment with minimal admissions and interventions ensuring best value for resources and maximum satisfaction.

We generally offer a combination of pharmaco-therapy and psycho-therapy/counselling for all conditions.

Geriatric Age.jpg


Senior citizens of our society need an element of sensitivity, utmost care and understanding that is unlike younger adults. 

Years of productive happiness may be shattered with certain unavoidable events in this age group - retirement, isolation, widowhood, financial and physical dependency, chronic medical illness, forgetfulness and dementia may appear to make life not worth living any more. 

We strive to be the sunrise of hope to bring back life to their remaining years!

For details about our Speciality Clinics and Group Meetings, please click here


Academic, Research, Extension Activities & Innovations


Academic activities

We teach theoretical and practical aspects of normal and abnormal psychology to over 300 students of medicine, nursing and physiotherapy each year affiliated to Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Deemed University (KIMSDU), Karad. 

We employ innovative teaching techniques like comic video demonstrations, comic pictures, movie screenings, encouraging debate and quiz along with introduction of emergency/disaster psychiatry and learning/memory topics in theory lecture series. 

We also enhance 'Life Skills' of students through various assessment and training sessions held in their first year of admission. 

We have a 'StuPA - Student Psychological Aid' clinic every Wednesday afternoon for providing psychological and emotional support for our students in need.

For a snapshot of the above activities, please click here!

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research activities

Dr Ajish Mangot and Dr Vasantmeghna Murthy have a combined total of almost 30 publications in various national and international journals. 

We have few on-going research projects involving all medical and para-medical faculty members. We had bagged 1 ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) sponsored STS (Short Term Studentship) project in the year 2016.

Our projects cover wide area of research including smartphone use, spirituality, disulfiram use, job stress, depression, demoralization and suicidality.

Our aim is to improve the quality of our research projects such that they are published in reputed, highly cited and accessed national and international journals.

For a snapshot of our publications, please click here!


extension / promotional activities

We cover the villages of Yerwale, Wing and Chachegaon for our mental health promotional camps and other activities.

We observe all the annual 'days' of mental health significance through public talks, guest lectures for students and support staff, poster exhibitions, movie screenings, etc.

Our activities and opinions have featured in local/regional newspapers and television.

Shortly, Dr Vasantmeghna Murthy has been featured in one hour television interview challenging stigma and promoting mental health awareness.

Our para-medical staff members - Mrs V Yadav, Mrs S Jamale & Mrs S Patil - actively participate in all the above activities with their full vigour and enthusiasm. They often are the 'public face' of the department!

For a snapshot of our activities, please click here!

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innovative activities

Psycho-education Comic Series (The Dignity Message) – Marathi print version was released on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2015 and English version was released online (Copyright received from Govt of India in the name of Dr Ajish Mangot & Dr Vasantmeghna Murthy):

Website – http://www.psy-com.wix.com/dignity

We have released 2 Android apps - 'MSE Quick Reference' and 'Mental Health Act 1987' targeting mental health professionals around the world. To download on your Android phone, please click here!

We had an exclusive SMS appointment reminder and mental health information service for our clients through alias 'AROGYA'.

We also have an exclusive YouTube channel where you can find our promotional videos - https://goo.gl/GRr6ms

For a snapshot of our activities, please click here!

Do you feel visiting us is not feasible? Then find a psychiatrist NEAR YOU! (only Maharashtra)

If you are in severe distress and/or have death wishes requiring immediate counselling, please call 104 (toll free) medical / psychological helpline in Maharashtra for crisis resolution.

For other helpline numbers in Maharashtra and other parts of India, you can download our exclusive (free) Android App 'Emotional Support Helpline Directory' available on Google Play Store by clicking here!

Contact details

OPD - 22, Krishna Hospital, Malkapur, Karad, District Satara, Maharashtra - 415539


Email: psylogia@kims-psy.in

Website: www.kimsuniversity.in

Working hours

Monday - Friday: 0900 - 1300

                        1500 - 1700

Saturday: 0900 - 1300

Sunday: OPD Closed

Emergency Services: 24 hours

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