Match Report Archive

Welcome to the section for all our Match Reports, not just for Season 2021, but from previous seasons too. A huge thanks to Hubert, Des and others for their excellent blogs.

League Matches 2021

Lucan (a) Sep 5th 2021

North County (h) Aug 28th 2021

Laois (h) Aug 21st 2021

Finglas (a) Jul 31st 2021

Cup Matches 2021

Adamstown Cup Final (n) Jul 25th 2021

Adamstown SF (h) Jul 17th 2021

North Kildare (a) Jul 10th 2021

Athlone (a) Jul 3rd 2021

Athlone (h) Jun 26th 2021

Adamstown (h) Jun 20th 2021

Adamstown (a) Jun 13th 2021

North Kildare (h) Jun 7th 2021

League Matches 2020

North Kildare (h) Jul 25th 2020

League Matches 2019

Leinster (h) May 18th 2019

League Matches 2018

North County (a) Sept 8th 2018

Bagenalstown (a) Sept 1st 2018

Merrion (h) Aug 25th 2018

Leinster (a) Aug 11th 2018

AIB (h) Aug 4th 2018

Swords (h) July 21st 2018

Lucan (h) July 7th 2018

AIB (a) June 23rd 2018

Bagenalstown (h) June 16th 2018 

Leinster (h) June 9th 2018

Swords (a) June 2nd 2018

Merrion (a) May 27th 2018

Lucan (a) May 19th 2018

North County (h) May 6th 2018

Cup Matches 2019

Cup Matches 2018 

Whelan Cup (h) May 26th 2018

Oaks Matches 2021 

RTE (h) Oct 31rd 2021

Kilkenny (a) Sep 26th 2021

Merrion (h) Sep 12th 2021

Carlow (h) Sep 5th 2021

ESB (h) Aug 22nd 2021

Laois Lions (h) Aug 15th 2021

Leprechauns (h) Aug 8th 2021

Arthurs Knights (a) Aug 4th 2021

White City (h) Jul 30th 2021

Mount Juliet (a) Jul 18th 2021

Chapelizod (a) Jul 11th 2021

Theatrical Cavs (h) Jun 23rd 2021

North Kildare (h) Jun 19th 2021

Oaks Matches 2020

Laois Lions (a) Oct 3rd 2020

Carlow (h) Sept 19th 2020

Merrion (a) Sept 6th 2020

North Kildare (a) Jul 31st 2020

RTE (h) Jul 26th 2020

Carlow (h) Jul 19th 2020

Oaks Matches 2019

Kilkenny (a) Aug 18th 2019

North Kildare (h) Aug 16th 2019

Mount Juliet (a) Aug 11th 2019

White City (h) Aug 2nd 2019

Arthurs Knights (h) July 23rd 2019

Chapelizod (a) July 21st 2019

Theatrical Cavaliers (h) June 19th 2019

Carlow (h) June 9th 2019

Athlone (h) May 19th 2019

Kilkenny (h) May 4th 2019

Oaks Matches 2018 

Leprechauns (h) September 2nd 2018

Chapelizod (h) August 19th 2018

White City (h) July 31st 2018

Mount Juliet (a) July 22nd 2018

Chapelizod (a) June 17th 2018

Arthurs Knights (h) June 3rd 2018

Theatrical Cavaliers May 15th 2018


League Matches 2017

Greystones (h) Sept 10th 2017 

Bagenalstown (h) Sept 2nd 2017 

Malahide (h) Aug 12th 2017 

Wicklow County (h) Jul 23rd 2017 

Malahide (a) June 17th 2017 

Greystones (a) May 13th 2017 

Cup Matches 2017

AIB Minor Cup SF (a) Aug 5th 2017 

Adamstown Minor Cup QF (h) Jul 15th 2017 

AIB Russell Court QF (a) Jun 14th 2017 

Clondalkin Russell Court 1st Rnd (h) May 31st 2017

Oaks Matches 2017

Theatrical Cavaliers (h) Sept 3rd 2017 

North Kildare (a) Aug 18th 2017 

Chapelizod (h) Aug 7th 2017 

White City (h) Jul 17th 2017 

Leprechauns (h) Jul 8th 2017

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