Adolescence is an incredibly difficult time for families. Upon reflection, we drum up some empathy for the social challenges, academic pressures and the whiplash of the tech-infused lifestyle that they face. On a daily basis we balk at the ego-centrism and entitlement. They deserve our best. They need our best version of ourselves as parents. Let's find it!

Healthy Sexual Formation

More than Protection:

Your middle-school child will see many changes with their friends, their perceptions of life and indeed, with their own bodies. At this age, exposure to faulty sexual messages (including porn and sexting) are inevitable. As a parent, you've protected your child well and now they need more than protection. They need your guidance, education and straight answers. 

This small-group gathering is designed to help you develop the strategies and language you need in order to get your values heard. You can empower your tween to make the right choices now that can contribute to healthy sexual formation later in life.  

Academic Pressure

Homework, club involvement, ACT prep, GPA standing, resume development, AP courses, service hours,  getting into the college of your choice. Heard enough?

I encourage parents and adolescents to examine desired outcomes, clarify values and develop realistic and healthy expectations in the face of immense academic pressures.

Healthy Substance Use

Does such thing exist? If so, how do we help our teens  minimize their risk of accidents, assault and addiction? Parents receive mixed messages from friends, media and their community regarding adolescent drinking and drug use. Teenagers receive these same mixed messages. Let's develop a clear, consistent direction that can adapt to changing circumstances and  reflect your families values. 

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