The Kildare Derby
When you read the words 'Kildare' and 'Derby', your mind immediately thinks of the Curragh Races, Champagne Tents and Best Dressed Ladies. No, i'm talking about the real Kildare derby that divides North and South. Halverstown vs North Kildare. The clubs have only clashed once in over 10 years. It's been 4 years since the teams last met in the league. In May 2016, North Kildare had a comfortable 7 wicket win. 4 years on, and already this game has an even bigger edge. It's a top of the table clash in an already shortened season. Halverstown began their season with an 8 wicket victory over Phoenix, while North Kildare were getting a 15 run win against Adamstown. This is already setting up to be a cracker of a game.
Halverstown XI - C Wardrop, K Threadgold, A Syed, K Hodson, B Ashmore, G Bayer, H Beaumont (Capt), J Threadgold, V Yannam, N Case and D Braithwaite.
Match time is 2pm on Saturday in Brannockstown.
Meanwhile, last Sunday the Halverstown Oaks started their season with a defeat to Carlow. You can read all about this is our Match Reports section. This weekend, RTE will be the guests of the Oaks.
Start time for this game is 2pm on Sunday, also in Brannockstown.

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