The Kildare Derby II
After two straight wins, including beating county rivals North Kildare, Halverstown crashed to earth after a defeat to Adamstown last Saturday. As was pointed out after the match, for 55 out of the last 60 overs played, they had controlled the games. It's just in those 5 overs last week, the wheels came off the wagon. 
Saturday is going to be a big occasion. Halverstown will want to win and reinforce that the 8 wicket win from 2 weeks ago was no fluke. For North Kildare, they'll want to get revenge for that defeat. As things stand, the group is finely balanced, with Halverstown, North Kildare and Adamstown all on 40 points after 3 games with only Net Run Rate separating the clubs. We will have live updates on our Twitter page on Saturday.
On the left you will see some photos from the last game against North Kildare. These are the copyright of Sean Brilly from the Kildare Nationalist and have been reproduced here with his permission.
Halverstown XI - Hubert Beaumont (Capt), Clive Wardrop, Danny Ruddock, Kevin Hodson, Vishnu Yannam, Ahsan Syed, Kevin Threadgold, Gunter Bayer, John Threadgold, Neville Case and David Braithwaite.
Start time in Brannockstown on Saturday is 2pm.
Also this weekend, Des Drumm captains the Halverstown Oaks on their journey to Dublin to play the Theatrical Cavaliers. The Oaks are still looking for their first win of the season, after losing by 9 wickets to the North Kildare Taverners team last Friday. 
The start time for the Oaks game on Sunday is 2pm.

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