Goodbye William Gray
About 60 years ago, as a callow 15 year old, I joined Halverstown C.C.
Before my first game, William was pointed out to me and I was told "Look, Listen and Learn".
So, at the end of my first season, I thought it normal to swear and snarl at batsmen when bowling and try to knock their heads off with a bouncer if hit for a boundary.
Fielders and Wicketkeepers were also roundly abused for either dropping a catch or not stopping a ball.
I also thought it normal to have several pints and whiskies after a game. After many 'sick' Monday mornings, I decided my mentor could have that one.
After leaving school, William played for Leinster C.C. in Rathmines where he excelled as a bowler. He bowled the best yorker and off cutter I have ever seen. He was also a crafty batsman with an off drive that curled and was nearly impossible to field.
At every ground we played in, he was known, respected and liked, and his passing has cast a cloud over his very many friends.
His four sons, Desmond, Alan, Brian and the late David, also played cricket for Halverstown and William got great pleasure when his granddaughter, Jennifer, played for Ireland.
William, we will miss you. RIP.

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