On the left are the batting and bowling statistics for 2020, shown in descending order of average runs scored for batting and of wickets taken for bowling. There are, however, other factors that should be taken into account and other analyses applied. I have therefore listed “Top Scoring batsmen” as well as various “Best” bowling metrics lists below which are the definitive summary for the season. These have minimum numbers applied, e.g. of innings (stopping Kevin Hodson topping the batting averages with his one innings of 18!) or of overs bowled. Batting not outs are an issue; thus Brian needed to be out at least once to give him a calculable average, but he should not be penalised for being so good. “Top Scoring Batsmen” therefore includes averages of infinity as long as they had at least 2 innings. With only 6 games played (2 wins, one tie, 3 defeats) the minimum is low, as it is for overs bowled. Also included are catches and stumpings- there were an awful lot of the latter by Cecil and Hubert. Between the two of them they took 5 wickets against Merrion with Cecil managing 5 on his own against Carlow!
Batsmen are simple people, so there is only the one measurement: Top Scoring, based on average runs scored (minimum of 2 innings). The Top scorers below are all those in double figures (not very many) but, as noted, a couple of infinities are included, which pushed Brian and Abhi above Stuart Hayes in the listings.
Bowling is such a complex and subtle art that it is measured several ways- allowing for more chances to get on a list. The standard listing is by number of wickets taken. Here Niall easily topped the statistics with 7 wickets. If that was unexpected, so was Gunter taking of 5.   
You do need to also look at how many runs each wicket cost. Gunter gets top ranking in this regard with Brian, Andrew Williamson and Abhi grouped closely together behind him- and Niall not that much further back in fifth place.
Finally there is Economy: a vital measurement of average number of runs conceded per over bowled. Although the figures generally are quite impressive, most notably Brian’s extraordinarily tight 2.56 per over (again with Abhi not far behind), we only bowled 3 maidens (Paddy Carroll, Brian and Niall) in the 6 games. The minimum no. of overs for this listing is 5 with all bowlers up to an economy rate of 10 included. 
It was a year in which our performance in the field improved steadily after a poor start. We took 6 catches (one each for Patrick O’Suicru, Niall, Brian, Andrew, Abhi and myself) plus 3 for Cecil behind the stumps. He also had 7 stumpings (3 in just one game!) and Hubert 4. We are not awarding a Player of the Year for 2020, not just because there is no awards night but also because there were only 6 matches played. If we were having one it would be a close call between Brian (for the second year running) for his excellent batting and bowling figures, Niall for his 7 wickets and keeper Cecil’s 10 catches and stumpings. However, in the circumstances, I think there should be a virtual award which should go jointly (and virtually) to all three!
Arthur’s Knights have a “Champagne Moment of the Year” award. Here I would venture that Cecil’s amazing 5 wickets v Carlow is beaten by the simply unforgettable ending to the last game of the season v Laois Lions, where 10 year old, ice-cool Mark Case faced the very last ball of the game needing 1 run to win -and thumped it for 4. Great moments and memories in cricket rarely come any better than that.
Thanks to everyone who turned out for Halverstown Oaks in our truncated season. There was so much enthusiasm and even skill at times: I hope that you enjoyed it and had as much fun as I did. I look forward to a better, fuller and possibly even more successful season in 2021.
P.S. The full Batting and Bowling statistics are available for all players. Just contact me directly - Des Drumm. 

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