2021 was a very special season with newly established Halverstown 2 (“H2”) entering the T20 Adamstown Cup and reaching the final, losing to Terenure 4 with 7 balls to go on a beautiful “Day of Finals” in Terenure. I was very proud to lead H2 out in the final, indeed it was a great honour to captain the side throughout a marvellous series of games. I intended to combine the stats of H2 and The Oaks but Ger O’Shea suggested they be reported separately. It makes sense, not just because T20 is a different game but Cricket Leinster (“CL”) has a complete set of stats on everything you want to know - and some things you don’t. To the left are the main statistics for H2 as per CL (not always wholly correct) showing the overall positions amongst all teams in the Adamstown Cup. I have made arbitrary cut-offs (e.g. H2 batsmen in double figures only, bowlers with 2 wkts and over etc). Look up Statistics on CL website if your own details are not included here. 
1. Top Batsmen
There is no surprise in who topped our figures: Paolo was a big factor in our success, but Abhi was close behind and both feature highly in the bowling stats too. Honourable mention for Kevin Hodson (119th) who was 10th for us with 9.5. We think we are better at bowling than batting but adding together the averages of our top 10 batsmen gives 194, which would be an excellent innings total. Some other batting stats of note:
 Highest Wicket Stands in the Adamstown Cup, in which H2 can proudly boast 2 entries:
Highest 6th wkt stand: 52 not out by Darren Ryall and Kevin Hodson v Athlone 3 in Harristown, Darren scoring 56* overall and Kevin 5*.
Highest 8th wkt stand: 98* with a very one sided partnership of a memorable 79* from Paolo Rosa (14 boundaries) and 7* from me (off 31 balls!).
In Boundaries Scored Paolo is 6th with 14, Ashley Jackson 11th with 11, Darren Ryall 15th with 9, Abhi 21st with 8 and Manik 24th with 6. This is out of 302 players -no, I can’t figure that out either and since Paolo scored 14 boundaries just against Athlone away I am not sure about this stat.
Strike Rates are included, but I would not put much store by this either since I am 19th! For the record Darren is 2nd and Paolo 7th, both of which might be nearer right.
2. TOP WICKET TAKERS (out of 206 bowlers)
Bowling, as previously mentioned, is such a complex and subtle art that it is measured many ways, the standard main listing being by number of wickets taken. 
In Paolo and myself we had 2 bowlers in the Top 10 Wicket Takers. Stuart Hayes only bowled 1.1 overs and since he took a wicket for 2 runs he features at No. 2 in CL’s averages and No. 3 in economy with Ger (1 over for 1 run) a place above him in the latter! One over doesn’t qualify them for my stats, however.
3&4 Average Runs per Wicket and Economy Rates
In T20 the economy rate, i.e. runs scored per over bowled, is absolutely vital and here we did particularly well.
Remarkably, 9 bowlers were on or under a run a ball in economy- 11 if you include Stuart Hayes and Ger! We can be very pleased with that.
5. All-Rounders
There is a category called All-Rounders which has 127 players listed but I don’t know how it is calculated. Suffice to say Paolo is No. 2, Abhi 5, Ahsan 37, I am 42, Manik 47, Kevin 61 and Stuart Hayes 63. 
We have a lot of all rounders!
If you search through the stats long enough you will probably find something at which you are number 1. I am no. 1 for most wins by a captain (6) and Cecil and I share top spot for most wins by players. There are other even more arcane stats such as Stuart Conroy top in “longest serving by duration”(0.11 years since you ask)!
There were some outstanding team Performances in the Field too (amended here since they are not fully reported by CL): Cecil took 3 wickets (a stumping and 2 catches) and there were 3 catches apiece for Paolo, Abhi, Ahsan and myself, 2 for Stuart Hayes (most memorably as sub in the final) and 1 each for Ger, Andy Barber, Mark Ronaldson, Matt and Manik. The T20 Cup 2021 was a great, great adventure; thanks to everyone who played a part in it!
by Des Drumm 18/11/21

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