1. Top Batsman
This was more like a proper Oaks season, despite its late start and the need to make room for T20 Cup games. Of the 13 Oaks games, two were declared draws because of rain. This gave a decent base for statistics. We used players use 36 players, so the games were well shared out. Minimum levels were necessary to make the stats meaningful. I had intended that to be 2 innings for batsmen, but since Gunter Bayer’s 2 innings for the Oaks (totalling 65 not out) averaged infinity and made him leading batsman, I made the minimum innings 3. Similarly, for bowling 3 overs is minimum.
Top batsmen includes everyone in double figures, which just excluded David McConaghy and Steve Rix. No surprise as to who tops the list- Paolo had a great season, though the 171 average is a little misleading. It is a surprise that Abhi, tying with Hubert, finished below Cecil, Kevin Hodson and me but, if you usually bat at the tail end like Cecil and I, a few “not outs” can really boost your averages!
2. Top Bowlers
My topping of the bowling chart illustrates that the more you bowl the more likely you are to take wickets. But those who bowled only a few overs are probably helped in the other stats of runs per wicket and over. Neville’s class shows with 5 wickets in less than 8 overs, including a hattrick in Mount Juliet. Niall O’Reilly, after a famously successful season in 2020, was again well up amongst the wicket takers whilst 6 players shared 4 wickets apiece.
3. Average Runs per Wicket
Two league players, Neville Case and Kevin Threadgold, take 1st and 3rd places in runs conceded per wicket, but Kevin Hodson was no.2 and, possibly a surprise to everyone including himself, David McConaghy was 4th. There were good figures too for regular bowlers Andy Barber (5th) and young Mark Case (6th), both under 15 runs per wicket. 
4. Bowling Economy Rates
Everyone knows the importance I put on economy rates- though taking wickets is obviously also important in winning games. Our economy rates were impressive. Despite setting a tough figure of 5 runs per over as the cut-off for this table, 14 bowlers made the list. Kevin Threadgold was top at just 2.4 runs per over. Fewer overs do make the job easier so Brian, Andy and Abhi did really well given their heavier bowling loads. And what can you say about young Mark Case? His 3.47 runs per over off 17 overs shows what an extraordinary talent he is. 
5. Catches and Stumpings
 Surprisingly we used 5 wicket keepers in 2021- and they all took their share of wickets: both Cecil and Andrew with 3 stumpings and a catch; catches for Stuart Hayes and Hubert and a stumping for Mark Ronaldson.
In the field we took 28 catches, just over 2 per game. Ger O’Shea and Kevin Hodson led with 3 apiece and there two for Terry Gayle, David McConaghy, Andy Barber, Andrew Williamson, Ahsan and me. Paolo,Steve Rix, Manik, Terrence Case, Jon Kirby, Abhi, Matt Ruddock, Richard Green, Stephen Gray and Gunter all chipped in with a catch.
The statistics do not, however, capture the pleasure in getting in a good season of cricket and how great the team spirit was right throughout 2021. The future of the club is safe with the sort of people that we have both playing and volunteering, keeping the traditions of Halverstown cricket alive.
by Des Drumm 24/11/21

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